Karnataka has always been the leader in technology and innovation in the country. Karnataka takes pride in being the youngest start-up ecosystem in the world and already hosts close to 35% of Indian start-ups. In its endeavour to maintain its pre-eminent position and remain the driving force for India, the Department of IT, BT and S&T has conceptualized “Innovate Karnataka”.

With the advent of emerging technologies such as Blockchain, Robotics, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Nanotechnology and the Start-up ecosystem energising itself, more innovation is expected to happen in the years to come. So, as this industry evolves more today, it becomes desirable for the Department of IT & BT to evolve as well, into one that can accommodate these new changes.

Our Vision for the year 2025 hugely rests on technology sectors leading and significantly contributing to the growth of State economy.  We envisage governance becoming completely digital and inclusive across geographies and all strata of society.  We also foresee cross domain innovation and use of technology over multiple sectors like  governance, agriculture, horticulture, education, healthcare.  In accordance with this, the department also perceives its vision  to change as follows.

‘To see Karnataka as global first choice of innovation and technology by adopting policies which spur 100% digitization of health, agriculture and other domains and enable inclusive digital growth across geographies and all strata of society’

 To realize this Vision, we are launching “Innovate Karnataka” – as an umbrella brand for all activities related to innovation in Karnataka.

With the adoption of the new identity, we will be able to ignite a spark for innovation and entrepreneurship in the state, to make Karnataka the global go-to destination for innovation and technology under “Innovate Karnataka” brand.